Neon River Opal Necklace

A lively and whimsical design that features a unique 6.3 carat pastel hued Australian boulder pipe opal. Measuring 14.3 x 19.97 mm this playful opal displays an overall pale pink to lilac hue with winding flashes of neon pink and peach across its surface.  Delicate flashes of vivid aqua, yellow, violet, and neon green can be seen sparkling from within.  Framed in a 10k gold setting, with a sterling silver back, this unique gem is suspended from a 18" diamond cut cable chain. A 4 x 2 mm marquise shaped moissanite gemstone is offset on the chain and adds an additional hint of complimentary flash and sparkle. 

Please email if you would like to view additional images or video. 

  • $754.00