Amour Opal Band

A soft, pastel hued Australian boulder opal is featured in this stunning band.  Measuring 13.6 x 8 mm this beautiful opal displays an array of dreamy hues. A gorgeous aqua color is flecked with delicate neon green sparkles and gently transforms into a rose tone with electric flashes of deeper pink.  This stunning half moon shaped opal, is framed in 10k gold with a sterling back, and is balanced by a 5 x 5 mm trillion shaped pink tourmaline, which adds a gorgeous addition of color and sparkle.  Set on a 3 mm wide band, this playful ring can be worn alone or stacked with additional bands for wider look.

Made as a size 7 in 10k yellow gold.  

Please email us for additional images or video.

  • $722.00