Meridien Opal Band

These radiant Australian Opal doublets display shades of aqua, blue, green, lilac, pink, and orange. The smaller size of these doublets makes for the perfect solitary gemstone ring. Each cabochon is unique in shape and color and can be set in your choice of metal with a sterling silver backing.  

This organically elegant design is a striking piece.


Please look at which Opals are available and leave a note at checkout with the Group AND Opal Number you would like.


C-4, C-7, C-11, C-12, C-14, C-15,C-16, C-19, C-23, C-24, C-31, C-33, C-34, C-35, C-36, C-37, C-39, C-42, C-43, C-47, C-48, C-52, C-53, C-55, C-56, C-57, C-59, C-60, C-65, C-67, C-68, C-69, C-70, C-73, C-74, C-75, C-77, C-89, C-91, C-92, C-97, C-101, C-102, C-103, C-109

D-2, D-4, D-8, D-10, D-11, D-12, D-18, D-20, D-22,D-23, D-27, D-28,D-49, D-58, D-63, D-64, D-65, D-67, D-69, D-73, D-77, D-80, D-83, D-84, D-85, D-86, D,-89, D-90, D-95, D-94, D-99, D-110, D-111, D-114, D-112, D-121, D-126, D-129,D-130, D-139,D-142, D-144, D-145, D-147, D-148

Opals are spectacularly difficult to photograph.  If you would like to see additional images of the Opals please email with the number of the Opal you're interested in.


  • $152.00