Opal Textured Wide Band

A unique and one of a kind design that features a stunning Australian Opal Doublet set onto our popular Textured Wide Band. Each band measures 1/2” in width and is set with a bezeled Opal of your choice. This organic statement piece exudes a refined ‘beachy’ vibe and is perfect for everyday. 

Please look at which Opals are available and leave a note at checkout with the Group AND Opal Number you would like.


A-2, A-8, A-11, A-14, A-16, A-17, A-18, A-21,A-22, A-31, A-34, A-38,A-48, A-55, A-60, A-66

B-18, B-35,B-38, B39, B-40,B-42,B-43, B-47, B-48, B-49,B-50,B-52, B-54, B-55, B-59, B-62, B-63, B-64, B-66 

If you would like to see additional images of the Opals or pricing for 14k gold metal please email with the number of the Opal you're interested in.


Group A Opals range in size from 12mmx8mm - 18mmx9mm            

Group B Opals range in size from 12mmx8mm - 30mmx9mm

  • $230.00